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Obviously you are already interested the snow cone business. Otherwise, you would not be reading this Lens. So, we will not bore you with sentence after sentence of unnecessary chatter. We are going to keep it short and simple. In my small business consulting practice, I repeatedly rely on a cost-effectiveness model to advise clients what to do. The results are almost always dramatic. It is not unusual for this approach to return an immediate profit on the order of many times what I charge for my consulting fee. In two recent examples, one produced a savings of five times the fee and another produced a stellar result of over 100 times the consulting cost. With due credit to cost-effectiveness, I have maintained a high batting average over the years (keeping in mind that no strategy or solution is always perfect).

Rom-com hard hitters Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks star in another classic movie that weaves the intersection of virtual and physical lives with the story of two business rivals that fall in love online but don’t know that they already have a real-life relationship.

On the positive side, the bill mandates a negotiated agreement between NYTHA and NYRA over the number of winter racing dates at Aqueduct. Blue-collar horsemen depend on the winter season, when Pletcher, Mott and McGaughey are away, to get the purses that will tide them through the summer. NYRA has been pushing for years to reduce or even eliminate winter racing.

Several months ago, when I noticed that there were no new financials being posted on the NYRA website, I filed a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request for them with NYRA. So far, the only response has been two adjournments of my request, the latest to tomorrow, June 9th. Here’s why I think NYRA should make its financials public on its website and therefore should also honor that request and provide its recent financial reports – which I will be happy to share online if NYRA doesn’t post them – and, more generously, why I think its apparent retreat from transparency is wrong.

The Grrl:Yes, I agree that being a picker could have you stuck with lots of stuff. I did write about being a hoarder so people need to be careful. The right way is to keep in contact with your buyers when you are out in the field and now these smartphones and other devices can help tremendously.

Golf Tournament: This is not for the faint-of-heart. Organizing a tournament is very time-consuming and can take a large number of individuals, but it can also be very profitable. Sell foursomes, get hole sponsors, put ads in the flyers, have hole-in-one contests, get donations, sell social tickets, and invite a few good vendors to allow the ladies to shop. Do not forget the goody bags, door prizes, food, and fun.