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If you are visiting India or the subcontinent, then you are visiting a highly diverse, religious, spiritual and cultural land of people who believe in the ‘Indian-ness’, which is a kind of decorum or a way of life that is followed by almost all people living in India. This decorum of behavior is followed by every Indian person irrespective of his religion, age or any kind of social standing. Some common practices have been discussed in the following article. One of the greatest things about this nation is that it is warm, in every possible manner and people worship their motherland as Goddess India. Cultural decorum and social manners are distinct, and if followed properly then the people here tend to be really, really warm hosts, with fantastic business etiquette. Thanks for this! I sold Mary Kay for YEARS and while I love love LOVE the products, I never really excelled at it. I’m thinking of Mary and Martha, I’m very active in my church community and would have a natural niche group, and as a minister it’s a natural offshoot of what I already do. Good luck to you!!

It is well worth self-capitalization as the responsibility of budgeting is serious. All businesses have to work with a budget. Invest in yourself to pursue your dreams. If it fails; lessons learned. If you succeed; congratulations on your achievements.

TIP: Don’t worry if you are not technology savvy, building websites are easy and fun. Here is a chance to show your artistic/creative ability. MAC computers offer a website building tool on their computers as well as Bell Canada and many other businesses so get started and have fun!

If you need more information for card packaging, search the internet for 5×7 clear cello bags and dozens of sites will come up. I go with the seller that gives me the best deal and the best shipping. Last time I needed the door hanger bags I found a wholesaler within 7 miles of the house. It was so nice to not pay for shipping.

Depending on the car you can advertise locally which is cheaper. Let’s say you have a classic VW; those could be advertised locally, as they aren’t that rare unless it is an early model, and your profit margin may not justify advertising it internationally.

It is very easy to develop a store on Etsy. It takes time to make your first sale, but repeat customers are an Etsy goldmine. It has a feedback system that is similar to eBay. If you wow your customers their positive feedback can draw in many new clients.