Understanding Content Marketing (Content Marketing)

The increasing use of internet today has a significant impact on the world of marketing, especially for the internet marketing. The Internet is not just a medium for running a business, but has become a major medium for marketers to market their products or services.

The Internet is considered as a potential medium for the field of marketing and communication, therefore it appears the term content marketing (content marketing). What is content marketing understanding?

Understanding Content Marketing

Previously we need to straighten the translation of Content Marketing into Indonesian discussion. Content Marketing translates to “content marketing”, not “marketing content” because it has a different meaning.

content marketing services is a marketing strategy for generating content that aims to inform targeted (consumers) of persuasion, over marketed products. Persuasion is an invitation by giving reasons and good prospects to be convincing.

Thus the function and purpose of content marketing are to educate consumers and become a bridge that connects between producers and consumers to form a fun communication process through the information of the content owned.

That is, content marketing is not as a strategy to market a product or service directly but a content creation effort that aims to influence consumers to make purchases, or marketable content will affect consumers on purchasing decisions.

According to The Copy blogger, the content marketing strategy is to make customers understand the company more. “

Although content marketing can essentially be understood as a strategy used to market a product, content marketing can be seen as a media content aimed at promoting products and knowing the target attitudes (consumers) towards producers.

Content is King

In the world of websites or blogs, there is a term that says “content is king”. Content is something that is considered essential in the digital age and one of the most important in marketing over the internet.

Content is assumed as a talking “human” and a bridge between producer and target (consumer) of a marketed product. Meanwhile, media platforms such as blogs, social media, online video, and others serve as a means of distributing the content itself.

In this internet era, consumers are not only acting as passive parties who receive commercial messages from a product or service company, but they can create content through product reviews on social media tweets, forums or personal blogs.

For that, creating quality content must be done in order to be able to bring customers and retain those customers.

In the Internet Marketing Academy, there are several indicators that must be owned content marketing in order to measure the quality of the content. The indicators are: Educates, informs, entertains, and Creates Trustworthiness.